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Candice and Jamal get married in Las Vegas – The Wynn, Mandalay Bay

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Candice and Jamal got married at the inside chapel at The Wynn – where outside photographers are not allowed. So we met them before their ceremony, inside their suite, for some informal and formal portraits. Even though we shot both families in the same room we managed to keep Jamal from seeing Candice before the ceremony. Both families were so beautiful and fun, and it didn’t take much for me to get them comfortable in front of the camera.

Wedding photography at The Wynn, in the suite, before the ceremony

Wedding photography at The Wynn, in the suite, before the ceremony

After their brief ceremony we met them again on the party bus and we stayed with them for the rest of the night. As is almost always the case, most of the photos we take are camera-unaware photojournalistic, where our clients don’t even notice we’re there.

In the review Jamal left us on WeddingWire he said “The only regret I have for that day is not using Steven Joseph for EVERYTHING! Unfortunately, we married at a hotel on the strip that required us to use the hotel photographer for our wedding. When we received the pictures from the wedding (hotel photographer), they were ok. However, when we looked at the post-wedding and reception photos (Steven Joseph), we were blown away!! They were AWESOME!…” [To see the rest of their review go here.]

I sometimes forget how much I love shooting weddings, until I look at these guys photos, from the starting family portraits in their suite at The Wynn, to the rockin’ rip roarin’ party they had at Border Grill at Mandalay Bay.

Sometimes I forget how much I love photographing weddings, especially the party, and then I see photos like this. Whooooot!

Sometimes I forget how much I love photographing weddings, especially the party, and then I see photos like this. Whooooot!

Vegas Headshots – Retouching Before and After

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Las Vegas Headshot retouching

Here is a very tight crop showing just a small example of the kind of labor-intensive retouching I do on every headshot you purchase.

Before and After Re-Touching Before and After Re-Touching Before and After Re-Touching

In addition to softening wisdom lines, I also:

  • remove blemishes
  • brighten teeth and eyes
  • do minor cosmetic surgery (e.g., straighten noses)

In short, without giving you plastic Barbie doll skin, I MAKE YOU LOOK YOUR VERY BEST.

This time-intensive hand finishing is done to each and every photo that you purchase. A typical headshot session involves creating 20-40 photos, with different poses, different wardrobe tops, different lighting (low-key, high-key). I do this kind of finish work on each and every favorite photo you select and purchase, and I deliver them both high-resolution, and web-resolution versions of your purchased photos, in two or three crop ratios (portrait, square, possibly landscape).

Wetlands Engagement Photo Session with Angie and Dan

April 10, 2015 | By | No Comments

I can’t wait to witness and document Angie and Dan’s wedding at TPC Summerlin this June, 2015. Our engagement session at the Clark County Wetlands Park (directly north of Henderson, directly East of the Las Vegas Strip) was so easy and fun and beautiful. These guys are pretty much crazy about each other, and all I had to do was point my lights and shoot. All the hugging and laughing and kissing was all them. For a photographer it doesn’t get much easier when his clients are great looking, full of energy, and totally gaga for each other.

I’d only shot at the Clark County Wetlands Park once before and I didn’t remember it being so lush and colorful and magical-forest-like. It’s now one of my favorite places for a photo shoot. It’s close, green, with few reports of overzealous rangers shutting down harmless photographers and their clients.

Las Vegas Strip Elopement of Camila and Matt

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What happens when a hot Brazilian and a hunky Chicagoan come to the Las Vegas Strip to get married? This happens. My assistant and I met these guys at their hotel, where we hopped in their limo and rode to The Strip. Their driver dropped us off near The Wynn where we got some very fun and beautiful photos. We then walked south, stopping at The Venetian, Paris, and ultimately The Bellagio Fountain.
Even though it is just a 1.1 mile walk, it’s murder in dressy high heels. I offered Camila my giant beat up Merrell slip-ons several times and she finally agreed. While she looked a little funny walking between photo stops, her feet felt great!