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Pre-Prom Zoot Suit High School Senior Photo Session in Downtown Las Vegas Fremont Street

April 7, 2014 | By | No Comments

Wyatt was looking pretty bad ass in his vintage Zoot Suit the night before his prom. So why not get some killer Las Vegas high school senior photos in the hippest place on earth – the Fremont East area? OK – let’s go!Las Vegas High School Photography STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYLas Vegas High School Senior Photography Old Vegas Fremont Street STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYThat’s right – we have a giant fire-spewing praying mantis in our downtown. Don’t get jealous – get in your favorite conveyance, come on down to Old Downtown Las Vegas and get in front of my camera! But call first so I know where to meet you! 🙂 Read More

Regret: Why buying the wedding photography you want is so smart.

March 13, 2014 | By | No Comments

[Note: I did not take the above photo – it’s source and copyright are unknown, from Google.]

We regret hiring the wedding photographer we could afford, rather than the one we wanted.

You’re on this website, reading this page because our photos speak to you. You like the feeling, the lighting, the quality you see throughout our portfolio. You want that energy, that skill, that creativity, that excellence we bring to weddings for *your* wedding. We may perfectly fit your budget, or we may be $200 or $2,000 over what you planned to spend on photography and you may be wondering “where in the world will I find that extra money?”

If you hire us, in 40 years you’ll probably have forgotten where you found that extra money (long ago paid off), as you slowly turn each page of your museum quality album with your children and grandchildren, as you re-experience your wedding’s feelings and beauty and what turned out to be the last hugs with precious family and friends. Read More

Yay! A NEW Winner of our SunLit Headshot Give Away has been chosen!

March 2, 2014 | By | No Comments

Steven_Joseph_Photography_Fogarty_Brothers_Hippie_Summer_Long_Hair_Andrew_Jackson_Lucas_Mason-IMG_2817_Stomp_CollageYay! One of these extremely cute judges has selected the NEW winner of our SunLit Headshot Give Away!

Congratulations to BECKY STOBIE of Banks Paralegal Services.

Becky has until noon, Monday, March 10, 2014 to claim her prize (after which our adorable judge will select another winner.) Congratulations Becky!

Las Vegas Woman Magazine Spring Launch was a BLAST

February 28, 2014 | By | No Comments

How fun, right! What a great show. Thank you Tammy, Shirley and Ruth and everybody who produced the Las Vegas Woman Magazine Spring Rollout event at J.W.Marriott.

Looking for your Red Carpet photo? Looking to get a print or a download? ALL photos will be posted to an online shopping/viewing gallery shortly. Please come back to this blog to get the link to the shopping/viewing gallery. STAY TUNED 🙂

Steve and Chris Fogarty


IMG_1445-Las Vegas Woman Magazine Spring Launch Tammy Grabel Seth GrabelIMG_1210-Las Vegas Woman Magazine Spring Launch Tammy Grabel Seth Grabel Read More

Who Hot? You Hot! WE HOT!! Las Vegas Elopement Photography in Downtown Old Vegas

February 21, 2014 | By | No Comments

These guys crack me up! You wanna have some fun on your Las Vegas Elopement Photography tour? Let’s go to Downtown Old Vegas – Fremont Street area – where everybody’s happy to see us! Even the Neon wants to have some fun!

IMG_1890-Las-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHERS-Lucy-RyanIMG_1538-Las-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHERS-Lucy-RyanIMG_1536-Las-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHERS-Lucy-RyanIMG_1513-Las-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHERS-Lucy-Ryan IMG_1514-Las-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHERS-Lucy-Ryan



Lucy and Ryan OWN THE WORLD – Why Elopement Photography in Las Vegas is the Best in the World

February 20, 2014 | By | No Comments

IMG_1890-Las-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHERS-Lucy-RyanWhy would anybody elope to Las Vegas? Uhhh, there’s like a million reasons why, that’s why! LOL Seriously, is there a place that has better weather, better accommodations, better flight deals, better neon, better Americana history than Las Vegas?

Oh, and in terms of licensing, infrastructure, wedding venues, officiants and the like, it’s the easiest place in the universe to get married, too.

And while Istanbul/Constantinople is the #1 wedding capital of the world (weird factoid), Las Vegas is the 2nd most popular place in the whole world in which to get married.

Did you know that on average 300 PEOPLE EVERY DAY get married in Vegas?

Las Vegas Elopement Photographers STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYWhy don’t you and your honey come on over to Vegas and help make Vegas the #1 Wedding Destination?

THESE GUYS Lucy and Ryan coulda gotten married anywhere on their around-the-world trek, but they chose Vegas. They’ve been EVERYWHERE, like Machu Picchu and the Cook Islands and Vancouver and The Grand Canyon. Read More