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Family Portraits at the Wedding? Yes!

August 2, 2013 | By | No Comments

When your photographer brings studio-quality lighting to your wedding, it’s actually a really good opportunity to get all kinds of family portraits, the kind and quality you’ll be proud to hand on your walls. Check out these gorgeous family portraits, full of feelings, filled with beautiful subdued professional lighting.


What’s with Canadians? They’re so freaking NICE! We love these guys! Congratulations to Lisa and Darren!

July 15, 2013 | By | No Comments

These guys had been planning their wedding for many years, checking out venue after venue. Nothing really clicked. So they eloped to Vegas. I think that’s smart! And we are honored to have been chosen based on the quality of the photos they saw in our portfolio. We had no idea these guys would be so incredibly NICE and graceful and GREAT in front of the camera. Most of the time they were so busy giving each other google eyes and drinking in the gravity of the situation that they didn’t have time to be nervous. To make the occasion extra awesome Lisa’s Dad and stepmom flew in and surprised them when Lisa and Darren stepped into their limo. How cool!


We really could not have asked for a more perfect couple to work with. We can’t wait to finish editing all the photos from their wonderful day.

4th of July Family Portraits – StreetStyle

July 8, 2013 | By | No Comments

I love these casual yet professionally lighted portraits of my family & friends enjoying this past 4th of July. I love how they’re informal, yet gorgeous. I wish some creative family would hire me to take photos like these of their next gathering. I promise they’ll become more precious with every passing day, to the point of becoming priceless.


For the tech geeks, it’s kinda cool that all of these shots are hand-held at between 0.6 seconds and 1.2 seconds, which is an eternity in camera terms. The Speedlite IS the shutter.


The British Are Coming! UK brides & grooms love getting married in Vegas

July 6, 2013 | By | No Comments

Why do people from all over the world come to Vegas to get married?

In the nearly four years I’ve lived in Las Vegas, I’ve photographed weddings of people from all over the world. Places like: Canada, Egypt, Nigeria, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Norway and Great Britain, where recently I’ve come across 77 Diamonds, a London jeweler. They offer really good selection and pricing in wedding and engagement rings. While I don’t know if my British couples bought their rings there, I am reminded of UK couples Wendy & Andy, and Rachel & Matthew, whose work I highlight below.

Rachel and Matthew had a very traditional fun wedding at Caesar’s Palace (where the couple decided to buy out the in-house photographer to hire me so we could have some extra fun!).

And Wendy and Andy, who are one of the most un-traditional couples I’ve ever photographed. I love Brits! and I really look forward to working with my next couple from the Motherland!

Wendy and Andy went all-out – working very hard with me to get some amazing images. This light painting in Lake Meade required a long drive, swatting away pesty bugs, and standing in the water for too long. They were great sports about it, and got the kind of unique photos that are only possible with hard work.
One of my favorite shots at the Welcome To Las Vegas Sign. Is Wendy rocking the red dress? Yeah!
The lovely Rachel was glowing on her wedding day.
The anticipation is killing Matthew.
I LOVE the moment the bride slips the ring on her husband’s hand, when the transition from betrothed to Married.
These guys remind me of Sid and Nancy.
Wendy’s sister is totally into the alternative vibe.
We call the thing Wendy and Andy are standing in a “river” here in Las Vegas.

Water Wars in Las Vegas – How Do You Stand the Heat? Here’s How.

June 28, 2013 | By | 2 Comments

It’s 112º in Vegas as I write this. Folks sometimes ask us, how can you stand the heat? Aside from the fact that the weather is perfect 9 months of the year, we also have pools everywhere. Friends have pools. Community pools & “splash parks” are everywhere. These shots are from a Memorial Day BBQ at our friend’s Rob & Saiko. We had a blast. And our kids LOVED IT. Thanks Saiko & Rob!

Our little boobaloo Lucas. Getting him to wear a life vest takes every trick I know as a parent of 4 boys. He’s even more STUBBORN than he is cute.

The girls holding their own.
Cash Dylan in his element.
Best buddies, Luke and Cash Dylan, big entrance.
Our oldest boy Mason, already 13.
Brothers Mason and Andrew.
Only 13, already taller than his mom.
Walking on water. That’s a pretty special kid you got there Rob & Saiko!
Mexican standoff unleashed.