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Las Vegas Photo Booth Crazy Corner – YOWZA – Margaret and Judd and their Crazy Friends

October 31, 2012 | By | No Comments

Everybody knows that a Las Vegas Photo Booth is a super fun idea for your wedding. What’s different about a Crazy Corner and why is it the best photo booth?

  1. It’s Really Big! You can fit 10 or 20 people in a Crazy Corner photo!
  2. Keep the kids and drunk people occupied and out of your hair while you can keep an eye on them in the open-air Crazy Corner!
  3. Be Sure to Get Portraits of EVERYONE at your wedding! Even the shy ones loosen up in the Crazy Corner.
  4. Customizable to your wedding colors and theme.
  5. You get the digital negatives! FREE!
  6. Send prints or send a Facebook-size (or hi-rez) digital negative to all of your guests as a Thank You!
  7. Gorgeous studio lighting so that you look MAHVELOUS!

Las Vegas Photo Booth Rentals from STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTO are a great way to insure your guests have a great time and remember your wedding as the awesome party it’s gonna be!

Las Vegas Elopement Photography – Vdara and Fremont – Elegant, Stylish, Beautiful

October 30, 2012 | By | One Comment

When choosing Las Vegas Elopement Photography you have a lot of choices. We at STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTO are so honored to have been selected by this gorgeous couple – Christa and Dean – and their beautiful friends and family. We started out their epic Vegas Elopement at one of Vegas’ newest and most elegant properties – Vdara. Vdara was very good to us, allowing us to shoot all over without being harassed (a bigger milestone than one might imagine!).Hair and Makeup by the uber talented and lovely ladies from Your Beauty Call. For excellence on-location give ’em a call!Elegant, beautiful, graceful. The building is nice, too :-)Vdara is golden and fashionable and beautiful, just like these guys.Party bus!!!Just outside the courtroom, in front of a garage – We Find Beauty Everywhere!Off to our new lives. See ya!

Winning! Margaret and Judd Celebrate Life – Their Wedding, PhotoBooth, and Trash The Dress

October 30, 2012 | By | No Comments

Yea, these ladies look this good!

By now most folks have heard that the Griffin Mansions went bankrupt and left quite a few brides holding the bag. Fortunately our friends Margaret & Judd had their hugely successful wedding there before it closed. Photographers loved shooting there because it is such a beautiful location. And this couple made it work simply by surrounding themselves with adoring family and friends, and just being awesome.

This is the best photo booth in Vegas. We call it a Crazy Corner. It’s super huge for really big groups, open & comfortable, great lighting so that you look MAHVELOUS, totally customizable to your colors and themes! And you get the digital negatives!Like I said, photographers loved shooting at Griffin Mansions because it was a really beautiful space. Hopefully another player will take over and revive this wonderful property.

We LOVE the sparkler exit. It’s dramatic, exciting, and well-lit!

Why is our Photo Booth so much better?

  • HUGE space in which you can cram 10 or even 20 people
  • Totally customizable to your colors and theme
  • You get the high resolution digital negatives, hand-finished by the photographer or a digital artist, including a personal copyright transfer document
  • We bring full studio lighting so that you look MAHVELOUS!

Expecting kids at your wedding? Kids who need entertainment while the grownups party? Kids LOVE the Crazy Corner. It’s a safe, creative place for them to stay occupied during a long grown up event.
Margaret and Judd opted for a Trash The Dress session in the days following their wedding. I always encourage couples this way, as it takes pressure off bride & groom portraits the day of your wedding, and allows you much more time to enjoy your friends and family who have come from far & wide to see you. Why take 40-80 minutes away from your guests to spend with the photographer making awesome b&g portraits, when you can devote all that time to your loved ones, and make amazing portraits later, in a relaxed setting?For this Trash The Dress session, we spent many hours out at Loew’s Lake Las Vegas (now called The Westin), and we wrapped it up down on one of the dry lake beds.We bring extra special studio quality lighting on Trash The Dress sessions, which is how we get lighting like above and below.Party bus from Griffin Mansions to The Las Vegas Sign, for the last shots of the night.

Final shot of the evening! I didn’t even notice Mr. Moonpie until I started editing the photos weeks later! What a great group this is! Margaret and Judd have so many dear friends, because they are such dear people. We love them.

Cub Scout Troop throws Christmas Party for St Jude’s Ranch

October 29, 2012 | By | No Comments

Troop 903 is gearing up again to throw a Christmas party for the kids at St Jude’s Ranch!

St Jude’s Ranch  Last year our scout troop threw a Christmas party for the kids at St Jude’s Ranch.  With the help of regular folks offering very generous donations and time, the party was a success! Can you believe the generosity of the lovely ladies at Gimme Some Sugar? They donated this incredibly creative custom cake to the scouts. GO LADIES!!!

The Larson Family
Even Santa found time to swing by and bring all the kids at the ranch gifts.  Thanx Santa!Channel 5 news showed up and did a story about the ranch.  People need to be reminded how important volunteer work and donations are needed all year long.Our troop leader, Dwayne, honored the men and women who make a difference at this ranch.   Without them, who know where these kids would be.

Welp, we’re doing it again this year!   We are so excited and already have a few sponsors.  I love that our boys are learning the value of service in their community.  A special thanks goes out to all the folks that made this event happen.

St Jude’s Ranch for children

Gimme Some Sugar

Las Vegas Elopement – Nicki and James on The Strip and Fremont

October 29, 2012 | By | No Comments

OK, this is the CLASSIC Vegas elopement right here. These guys called us while they were driving to their new home in San Francisco from the South, while looking at our website on their iPad. Very 21st Century baby!

Next day they blew into Vegas ready to get married, and to have a blast while doing it! I met them at the Courthouse in downtown Vegas, recorded their actual ceremony (I was a witness, too! Freebie! :-) ) then we drove all over Vegas’s hot spots, like the Bellagio, and Old Vegas on The Fremont.

I love spontaneous passion-filled elopements where the bride & groom just have to have great photography. We do that! :-) Congratulations to Nicki and James in their new life up in gorgeous San Francisco.

Las Vegas Country Club Wedding – Classic Vegas Style – Verdant Comfort

October 28, 2012 | By | No Comments

I love so much about this couple Laura and Greg, not least among reasons the venue they chose – the Las Vegas Country Club. Like Laura & Greg, LVCC is laid back yet classic.

With lush green landscaping  every direction the Las Vegas Country Club is perhaps the most verdant, comfortable and beautiful venue in Vegas – certainly so close to downtown Las Vegas.

Due to some kind of conservation easement thingy I don’t pretend to understand, LVCC has more water and therefore more green than just about any place in Vegas. I love how it feels and looks.
Weddings with flip flops, open bars and khaki pants are one of my favorite kinds of wedding! These guys were just as warm and relaxed as they look right here.Laura sharing the good news with someone she loves.Laura enjoying her family and guests on this most special day in this most extraordinary location, tucked right into the middle of Las Vegas.What signature drink will your wedding offer? I want one of these, right now. Yum.Green, sunset orange, and more green. Perfect.I love THE MOMENT.
So cute, walking into the distance as man and wife.Yea, that’s the Wynn, a stone’s throw away. LVCC is right next to The Strip, but a million miles away.Get ready for the amazing banquet prepared by LVCC’s own staff and offered by Laura and Greg to their lucky guests. I’m hungry now :-)This Patio is the perfect place to throw a reception. People can sit and talk in the open air. Or they can dance like teenagers with overflowing hormones. Or they can eat like royalty.My DIET resumes tomorrow. Now please make room for me and my giant plate!Admit it. You’re hungry now, too, aren’t you?Some of the super star talent who prepared the sumptuous feast.It’s just like Laura and Greg to share the spotlight of their wedding day with the birthday girl.I just love the open air patio, fully resurfaced shortly before this wedding took place.