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Can you get your engagement photos taken in a casino or on the floor?

September 27, 2010 | By | No Comments

Here’s a great essay from my friend Juliet Douglas, wedding planner extraordinaire, on the ins & outs of getting your photo taken inside & on the floor of a Las Vegas casino. In short, easier said than done! 😉

In my experience, we’re generally tossed out of most casinos within a few minutes of breaking out professional gear (e.g., tripod, off-camera lights). Juliet’s essay gives some good tips on how you and your photographer may be able to get these photos.

Another thing that has helped my brides get photos in the casino (not necessarily on the gaming floor) is for the bride & groom to have a room in the hotel.

During this shoot, we were approached by security w/in a few minutes after we started shooting. As soon as they learned that my couple had a room and had just gotten married there, the Wynn security left us alone.

Judith & Kenneth @ The Wynn

Judith & Kenneth @ The Wynn

Whereas, without a room reservation, this couple and I were escorted out of The Bellagio within about 5 minutes of the beginning of our shoot. Different hotel. Same photographer. Different relationship of the b&g to the hotel.

Maythe & Shawn @ the Bellagio

Maythe & Shawn @ the Bellagio moments before being escorted out.

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