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Las Vegas Wedding Photography at The Mandarin Oriental is as beautiful and elegant as it sounds

October 11, 2014 | By | No Comments

Why have your reception at the Mandarin Oriental on the Las Vegas Strip? Because Las Vegas Wedding Photography at The Mandarin Oriental is as beautiful and elegant as it sounds. Everywhere you look in this 5-Star gem there is sophistication, beauty and style.Las Vegas Wedding Photography at The Mandarin Oriental is as beautiful and elegant as it soundsMandarin Oriental Las Vegas Wedding Photos STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY IMG_9027.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9040.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9159.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9237.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9252.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9276.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9284.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9286.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9291.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9315.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9351.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9374.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_5168.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_5189.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JPLas Vegas Mandarin Oriental Wedding Photos STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY IMG_9059.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9195.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP

Business Portraits with the Sweetest Girls in Las Vegas – Gimme Some Sugar Bake Shoppe

September 30, 2014 | By | No Comments

IMG_5797.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Have you ever thought “hmmm, I could really use some fashionable, beautiful portraits taken at my business that tell our story”? Well, we just had a lot of fun today with the beautiful, uber talented ladies of Gimme Some Sugar Bake Shoppe in Henderson. These ladies *own* wedding cakes and celebrity birthday cakes at Las Vegas’ finest clubs. They also have a stylish, convenient and comfortable cafe right up Stephanie off the 215.

We cranked through a lot of photography today and had a lot of fun doing it. We started with headshots, then moved to group portraits, more individual portraits, some more headshots in a different style, food & product photography, and finally environmental photos of their cozy stylin’ cafe.

_K3P0022.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-_K3P0061.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Las Vegas Business Portraits, on-location business portraits, Gimme Some Sugar, STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYGimme-Some-Sugar-LightRoom-Grid-View IMG_5932.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_5974.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6076.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6077.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6122.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6146.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6160.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6191.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-


IMG_5828.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_5857.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-

Las Vegas Wedding Photography – Amy and Chris at Angel Park Summerlin

June 14, 2014 | By | One Comment

OK, I just uploaded a baZillion photos from this wedding to this blog – possibly more than I’ve *ever* uploaded for any wedding – mainly ‘cuz there are so many freaking great moments and photos I just wanted to SHARE and because I wanted you – Dear Reader – to see more of what a full wedding photographed by STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY looks like. Keep on scrolling …

You’ll see photojournalistic peak moment-after-moment, punctuated by scrumptiously lit formal portraits. And lots of fusion images like the one immediately below that’s both a deliciously lit formal *and yet* still belongs in the category of PJ photojournalism because it’s a *real moment*. It’s pretty awesome when your wedding photos do both.

IMG_3594-Wedding-Photogreaphy-Las-Vegas-Angel-Park-Amy-and-ChrisIMG_3672-Wedding-Photogreaphy-Las-Vegas-Angel-Park-Amy-and-ChrisLas Vegas Wedding Photography STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Angel Park Golf Club Summerlin Las Vegas Wedding Photography STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Angel Park Golf Club SummerlinIMG_3656-Wedding-Photogreaphy-Las-Vegas-Angel-Park-Amy-and-Chris-Edit Read More

Was There a Wedding at that Wedding? DETAILS Part 1 – Tables and Place Settings

April 28, 2014 | By | No Comments

If you only looked at some high-end wedding blogs, you might think that people were not allowed at weddings – only things LOL.

When wedding photography legend Cliff Mautner asked “Was there a wedding at that wedding?”, the WPPI conference room full of photographers I was sitting in erupted in laughter and applause.

We laughed because we knew that he was referring to the many wedding photography blogs that seem to only show photos of THINGS – linens, wedding dresses, shoes, rings, invitations, place settings, chair covers, etc. “But where’s the people?!” we’re all thinking. LOL

We laughed because we know that, to get featured on many of these top wedding & wedding planner blogs (e.g.,  Style Me Pretty100 Layer Cake, Polka dot bride), we must show lots of things.

If you’ve looked at my blog and portfolio you may have noticed that I mostly show photos of people. It’s not because I don’t take photos of things. It’s because photos of people are so much more important.

I show photos of people smiling, people laughing, people crying, people dancing, people hugging, people getting married, people in love.

I feature people because, over time, photos of people matter much more than photos of things.

Don’t get me wrong. Wedding detail photos are very important. And mine are very good.

It’s just that photos of people are the photos that literally become more valuable every day, photos of people at your wedding will literally one day become priceless.

So, I wouldn’t blame you, dear reader, if you thought by looking at my work that I don’t photograph things.

But, in fact, I do shoot things! So, to prove that I (and the very talented 2nd photographers I get to work with) do shoot things at every wedding, I’m kicking off the series “Was There a Wedding at that Wedding” with “Details Part 1 – Tables and Place Settings“.

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