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DMC Destination Management Company Photography in Las Vegas – the DICE Summit at Hard Rock Cafe

April 23, 2015 | By | No Comments

Are you into video games? Have you ever wondered who coded Tetris? And Pong? Or who wrote MIDDLE EARTH – SHADOW OF MORDOR?

Or do you need First Rate photography documenting your Las Vegas Destination Event?

Please enjoy this very small sample of las vegas event photography of the recent DICE Summit held at the Hard Rock Cafe just off the Las Vegas Strip. Video game legends like Alexey Pajitnov (Tetris) and Michael de Plater (MIDDLE EARTH), and Tom Kalinske (SEGA Genesis) keynoted and participated on panel discussions. I even got to meet and photograph Allan Alcorn, the father of PONG!

Big thanks to my friend and fellow photographer Laura Glines, owner of Black Cherry Photography in Denver, who invited me to help her create quality event photography of this exciting Las Vegas conference.

To see more examples of the kind of Las Vegas Destination Event Photography you can expect from Steven Joseph Photography and Steven Fogarty check out our corporate photography site STEVEN FOGARTY PHOTOGRAPHY

Las Vegas Event Photography – Opportunity Village – Camelot black tie fundraiser 2014 honoring Penn Jillette

November 7, 2014 | By | No Comments

I am privileged any time the folks at my favorite Las Vegas charity – Opportunity Village – ask me to document their annual fundraising event, Camelot. This last week was my 3rd or 4th time in the 5 years we’ve lived in Vegas. I love shooting Las Vegas event photography anyway, but it is even more enjoyable when I am documenting for a truly uplifiting group, an exceptionally well run charity that has positive impact on the daily lives of hundreds of intellectually and developmentally disabled adults who, in another place and time, might be throw away people. I am grateful for the existence of Opportunity Village, and for the uncountable hours of all the staff and volunteers and donors who make it possible.3E2A1271.JPG-Las-Vegas-Event-Photography-Penn-Jillette-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHYPenn and Emily are a little verklempt while watching a video showing their works for Opportunity Village.Las Vegas Event Photography STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Penn Jillette honored by Opportunity VillagePenn tearing up a little seeing a video of all the awesome stuff he does for Opportunity Village.4D8A6175.JPG-Las-Vegas-Event-Photography-Penn-Jillette-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY 3E2A0614.CR2-Las-Vegas-Event-Photography-Penn-Jillette-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY Las Vegas Event Photographer STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Penn Jillette Penn & Teller Opportunity VillagePenn Jillette belting out a punk version of Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane” – he shook the house.3E2A1053.JPG-Las-Vegas-Event-Photography-Penn-Jillette-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHYBilly Walters always looks like he’s having fun. He has contributed and arranged for the donation of millions of dollars to Opportunity Village over the years.
3E2A1374.JPG-Las-Vegas-Event-Photography-Penn-Jillette-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHYProof that Teller can talk!3E2A1381.JPG-Las-Vegas-Event-Photography-Penn-Jillette-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHYPenn & Teller with Teller doing the talking. Amazing!Las Vegas Event Photographers STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Opportunity Village Celebrity Chef VicCelebrity Chef Vic walking the Red Carpet4D8A5563.CR2-Las-Vegas-Event-Photography-Penn-Jillette-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHYWAY MORE PHOTOS BELOW – KEEP SCROLLING Read More

We Work Real Hard All Year making beautiful Las Vegas Wedding Photography, then we take a southern California Family Vacation

September 9, 2014 | By | One Comment

We work very hard all year. And then we take a week or two family vacation. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.Who Is Steven Joseph Photography Family Vacation in Southern CaliforniaOur youngest one is still in that pure childhood state where the veil separating fantasy from reality is thin and porous. He’s just as cute asking grownup questions about “how do people breathe in the desert if there are no trees?” as when he is unselfconsciously slaying zombies on the beach. He’s always slaying some sort of bad guys. I finally caught his adorable madness in this animated gif. I’m gonna miss it deeply when he crosses the boundary into older-hood.
Who-Is-Steven_Joseph_Photography Luke Slaying Zombies on the Beach in Southern California

Who is Steven Joseph Photography - Family Vacation in southern CaliforniaVroom. Did I say this campground is a boy paradise? Body surfing. Sand castles. Bike riding. Campfires. Marshmallows. Skate boarding. It is a boy Paradise.california-vacation-chris-and-amyBest buds forever – it’s always good to see our favorite Utah – California transplant – hi AMY!Who is Steven Joseph Photography - southern California family vacationStill not too cool to hug his muthaIMG_1075.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1073.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaIMG_1078.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1000.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaFlirting with older women. Our oldest son – 14 years old – being swung around by two admiring 15 year old California 10th graders. They bought him a soda.IMG_0921.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0918.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0873.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaMason buried in the sand, being sand-sculpted by his incredibly talented Aunt Yenelli.IMG_0861.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBest buds JJ and AJIMG_0852.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBest buds J and LIMG_0840.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBoys taking a break from ridiculous overloads of funIMG_0837.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1405.JPG-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaThe beach is always serving up surprises.
IMG_1482.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaMy baby.IMG_1636.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaOur very good friends the McLaughlins, standing in front of their sleek and stylish Airstream. Their kids and our kids connect like magnets the moment we reach the beach and they don’t let go until we come back home to Vegas. Where they again connect like magnets.IMG_1650.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaIt’s nice when I get to be on the other side of the camera, especially just after I’ve taken my shirt off. This is Gold’s Gym on Venice Beach, where me and Arnold spend most of our free time.IMG_1654.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaVenice Beach – like Fremont Street in Vegas – only prettier! And cooler!

Who is Steven Joseph Photography - southern California family vacation IMG_0653.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBoy paradise.IMG_0654.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBoy paradise.IMG_0767.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBoy paradise.IMG_0771.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0782.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0786.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0787.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0788.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaGirl paradise, too.IMG_0789.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1234.JPG-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaForever young – our good friend John.
IMG_1248.JPG-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBeach boy AJ.IMG_1256.JPG-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaMy tribe.IMG_1433.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1516.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1550.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaIMG_1670.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaMy posse on the Venice boardwalk (which is really more of an asphalt walk).IMG_1708.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaLA – Land of food trucks. I LOVE LA.Who is Steven Joseph Photography Our Summer Family Vacation in Southern CaliforniaUnion Station Los Angeles

Las Vegas Wedding Photography – Amy and Chris at Angel Park Summerlin

June 14, 2014 | By | One Comment

OK, I just uploaded a baZillion photos from this wedding to this blog – possibly more than I’ve *ever* uploaded for any wedding – mainly ‘cuz there are so many freaking great moments and photos I just wanted to SHARE and because I wanted you – Dear Reader – to see more of what a full wedding photographed by STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY looks like. Keep on scrolling …

You’ll see photojournalistic peak moment-after-moment, punctuated by scrumptiously lit formal portraits. And lots of fusion images like the one immediately below that’s both a deliciously lit formal *and yet* still belongs in the category of PJ photojournalism because it’s a *real moment*. It’s pretty awesome when your wedding photos do both.

IMG_3594-Wedding-Photogreaphy-Las-Vegas-Angel-Park-Amy-and-ChrisIMG_3672-Wedding-Photogreaphy-Las-Vegas-Angel-Park-Amy-and-ChrisLas Vegas Wedding Photography STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Angel Park Golf Club Summerlin Las Vegas Wedding Photography STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Angel Park Golf Club SummerlinIMG_3656-Wedding-Photogreaphy-Las-Vegas-Angel-Park-Amy-and-Chris-Edit Read More

Las Vegas Event Photgraphy @ Green Valley Ranch

April 8, 2014 | By | No Comments

We love Las Vegas corporate event photography because corporate event photography incorporates many different kinds of photography at the same time: portrait, food, photojournalism, details, environmental. It’s very challenging and rewarding. Bonus – we get to be around some of the most talented and ambitious people in the world. Extra bonus: the chefs usually insist we sample some of their amazing cuisine and libations. So, OK! Yum!Las Vegas Event Photographers STEVEN FOGARTY PHOTOGRAPHY Green Valley RanchSome of the incredibly talented chefs from Green Valley Ranch Resort in Henderson, NV.Las Vegas Event Photographers, Las Vegas Food Photography, Las Vegas Event Photography, STEVEN FOGARTY PHOTOGRAPHY, STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYDid we mention the delicious and gorgeous pastries?2014-4-5-IMG_2382.JPG-Las-Vegas-Event-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-STEVEN-FOGARTY-Green-Valley-Ranch-VIP-AppreciationOh yea, and world-class Sushi, too!
Read More

Penn Jillette wins $100,000 for Opportunity Village

May 21, 2013 | By | No Comments

By now a lot of people know how Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller made it into the final two of Celebrity Apprentice. And many know that Penn won the ice cream challenge, thereby raising $100,000 for his and my favorite charity – Opportunity Village. It is always my privilege to assist Opportunity Village any way I can. I was so happy to be there for PR Red Carpet photography of the rollout of Penn’s ice cream flavor at the Walgreen’s on the Las Vegas Strip. Kudos to Penn Jillette for helping bring the incredibly successful model of OV to a national audience.Kids love ice cream.Blue Man Group came out to announce Penn Jillette’s ice cream flavor and show support for Opportunity Village.This is roll out day. By Tuesday Walgreen’s shelves were bare of Penn Jillette’s flavor everywhere in Vegas.
Thank you lovely ladies of Jubilee!Teller eating ice cream Vegas-style.

Linda Smith, Chief Development Officer for Opportunity Village and her clients doing a live TV interview with a Fox News personality. Walgreens is an important part of this story.