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Las Vegas Wedding Photography

You realize that what is priceless tomorrow is expensive today. You’re doing it old skool – five hours or more. And you want full coverage from beginning to end. You want amazing family portraits, and breathtaking in-the-moment photojournalism that will make you laugh and cry every time you see them for the rest of your life. You want photography that becomes more valuable with every passing day.

Fabiana and Andre Light Up the Desert with Smiles and Love – Brazilian Elopement at Nelson’s Ghost Town

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Thinking of getting married in Las Vegas at a chapel or Hotel but you want some amazing personalized Las Vegas Wedding and Elopement photos down at Nelson Ghost Town or somewhere else in Vegas? Well let’s do a photo session immediately following your wedding. We met this amazing couple down at Nelson Ghost Town (also known as Eldorado Canyon and Techatticup Mine) right after they’d gotten married in Las Vegas. These guys first found us Googling from Brazil, and we hit it off on our Skype call. A few emails later and all the details were set.

From the moment Fabiana and Andre (and their buddies from Brazil) arrived we were having fun and making pretty. We LOVE when clients who appreciate great photography seek out and find us. It’s always a great fit.

IMG_4494.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-AndreIMG_4137.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4518.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4514.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre-Edit IMG_4513.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre-Edit IMG_4512.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4511.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4499.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4491.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4487.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4463.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4435.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre-Edit IMG_4433.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4421.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4404.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4378.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4375.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4310.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4283.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4278.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4267.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4265.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4215.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4202.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4197.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4193.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre IMG_4192.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-I-LOVE-VEGAS-Nelson-Ghost-Town-Eldorad-Canyon-Mine-Tour-Fabiana-and-Andre Las Vegas Elopement Photographer STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Eldorado Canyon Mine Tour Nelson Ghost Town Las Vegas Elopement Photographer STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Eldorado Canyon Mine Tour Nelson Ghost Town Las Vegas Elopement Photographer STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Eldorado Canyon Mine Tour Nelson Ghost Town Las Vegas Elopement Photographer STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Eldorado Canyon Mine Tour Nelson Ghost Town Nelson Wedding Photography Las Vegas Elopement Photos STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY

Hey Gorgeous – Let’s Get Married – Las Vegas Wedding Photography Hilton Lake Las Vegas

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Two gorgeous families joined tonight at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa, a venue so perfect for wedding photography that it is even beautiful in the pitch dark, which is when this wedding ceremony took place. Every body was happy and generous and kind. I love this wedding, these families, these photos, this venue, and I hope you do too.




















How to Not Kill Each Other Whilst You’re Away – THE COUPLE’S TRAVEL SURVIVAL GUIDE

October 16, 2014 | By | One Comment

Any couples following this blog who are thinking of travelling as a couple?


My friends and past clients Lucy and Ryan (you can see them in my Facebook Business Page banner and in photos above, they’re the fun couple being swept away by a gust of Vegas wind!) are writing a travel book JUST FOR YOU. It’s not Lonely Planet. It’s not Fodor’s. It’s written *by* a couple who just finished an 8 month around the world trek *for* couples who plan to travel together.

It’s called “The Couple’s Travel Survival Guide (How to not kill each other whilst you’re away).”

Please check it out. And please check out their crowdfunding campaign that will enable them to publish this book. These guys are experts! And ridiculously fun and creative. Thank you for checking it out! And helping this extraordinary newly wed couple create a new and needed resource for COUPLES WHO TRAVEL.

TWITTER: @CouplesTravelsg

Las Vegas Wedding Photography at The Mandarin Oriental is as beautiful and elegant as it sounds

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Why have your reception at the Mandarin Oriental on the Las Vegas Strip? Because Las Vegas Wedding Photography at The Mandarin Oriental is as beautiful and elegant as it sounds. Everywhere you look in this 5-Star gem there is sophistication, beauty and style.Las Vegas Wedding Photography at The Mandarin Oriental is as beautiful and elegant as it soundsMandarin Oriental Las Vegas Wedding Photos STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY IMG_9027.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9040.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9159.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9237.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9252.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9276.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9284.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9286.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9291.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9315.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9351.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9374.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_5168.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_5189.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JPLas Vegas Mandarin Oriental Wedding Photos STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY IMG_9059.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP IMG_9195.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Mandarin-Oriental-Lauren-and-JP

Dear Churches: Please Give Us Pretty Light – Daylight 5600 Kelvin To Be Precise

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While most people don’t notice the color of light around them, everyone notices when someone looks green or orange or blue in a photograph. Cameras *really* notice the color of light and the actual colors present when a photograph is taken show up loud and clear in photos. And it is the job of photographers to fix that problem before it happens, or after in post-production.

This is called fixing White Balance.

When a venue has consistent light color, it is very easy for a photographer to match that color (either before or after s/he begins shooting) for natural looking skin tones.

But when a venue has a clash of colors coming from different sources (tungsten light bulbs [orange]; compact fluorescent bulbs [green]; camera flashes [blue]; and window daylight [also blue]) skin colors in photos end up looking very strange and unnatural.

As the USA has moved away from tungsten light bulbs, many churches (and hotels and other grand public spaces) have a mix of light bulbs – many with conflicting color temperatures – that are just plain ugly in photographs, and very difficult for photographers to correct to make look normal.

Back in the old days, everybody used incandescent old skool light bulbs, which have a color temperature of about 3200 Kelvin (3200K). All photographers know how to correct for that deep orange-ish color when it is consistent in every light bulb. Film photographers simply choose “Tungsten Film” while digital photographers dial their White Balance to the “light bulb” icon, or we dial in about 3200 Kelvin.

But now that incandescent light bulbs are illegal to sell in the USA, everybody has been switching to the alternatives, like compact fluorescent (CFL), LED and fluorescent, and – photographically speaking – it’s a mess.

Dear Churches (and hotels etc): if you want the photos of your guests to have pleasing skin tones, PLEASE MAKE ALL OF YOUR LIGHT BULBS approximately THE SAME KELVIN TEMPERATURE, preferably DAYLIGHT ± 5000 – 5600 Kelvin. All light bulbs can be purchased in the Daylight Kelvin temperature range. You just have to look for it or ask for it.

This needn’t cost Churches or other venues any extra money at all, as you can simply REPLACE all bulbs as they burn out with Daylight Balanced 5200 Kelvin replacements. Have a closet full of mixed color bulbs? Why not sell them on eBay, and purchase all new Daylight Balanced replacement bulbs moving forward.

That way your guests will look simply lovely in everybody’s photographs. And you will make photographers – and Brides – as happy as a bright sunny day.

Thank you.

Album Images & Wall Prints get extra special love and attention. BEFORE vs AFTER

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BEFORE & AFTER - Images Bound for Albums and Prints Get Extra Special Advanced Editing - STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYWhile I personally touch, edit, tone, crop, straighten, color correct, tweak, massage and ZINGify every single image that I deliver to my clients, I do almost all of this work in every photographer’s favorite Frenemy, Lightroom.

I do not and cannot take most images into Photoshop for advanced editing, as I’ve done on the above image, as it would slow down edits terribly, further delaying the time between our shoot and the delivery of images. I already take longer than I’d like – promising 6-10 weeks. Doing advanced Photoshop editing every image would probably double that time.

Before & After Images edited in Photoshop for Album and Wall Print STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYHowever, every image that makes it into our clients’ albums or wall prints that we print for them DO get Extra Special advanced Photoshop editing Love.

Before & After Images edited in Photoshop for Album and Wall Print STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY

I call Lightroom a Friend because it is the super streamlined way to professionally process thousands of images at a time. It is probably the single most important piece of application software a photographer depends upon.

Before & After STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY Advanced Photoshop editing Before-After-Caitlin-David-DTLV-Elopement-Images-for-Albums-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY before-after-rumor-gw-sarah-sean before-after-rumor-orig-cc-bw-sarah-sean Before_and_After_Composite_Dry_Lake_Bed_STEVEN_JOSEPH_PHOTOGRAPHY Before_and_After_Dusty_Detail Before_and_After_Family_at_Wedding Before_and_After_STEVEN_JOSEPH_PHOTOGRAPHY-Quick_Family-PortraitAnd depend upon we do, making Lightroom our Enemy, also. Photographers who do not outsource post-processing to 3rd parties (I’ve tried – not happy with the results) spend an enormous amount of time in Lightroom (LR), even though editing photos in LR is dramatically faster than editing in Photoshop or Bridge or anything else.

This is why Lightroom is the Frenemy of every photographer who edits his/her own work.

SO, the moral of this story is, one of the many benefits of ordering an album or wall print from us is that your gorgeous images get even more advanced, super personalized custom editing before they go to print.

And who doesn’t want that?