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Ridiculously fun British couple elopes to Las Vegas – owns the town! The new definition of fun!

December 4, 2013 | By | No Comments

We had THE BEST TIME with Lucy and Ryan, who stopped off in Vegas on their trip around the world in order to get married. I can’t remember having so much fun on a photoshoot. These guys were up for anything, super hard working, always smiling, and just devoted to having a great time.

If you’re thinking about an elopement photo tour on the Las Vegas Strip, because you want neon and bars and fun, we recommend that we shoot with you downtown instead.

Here’s the 7 reasons that Old Vegas is almost always a better place for wedding and elopement photography than is The Strip. Old Vegas is:

  • human-scale
  • very walk-able
  • it is *very* welcoming
  • filled with lighted neon of every type, some historical and some modern
  • every place we’ve requested permission to shoot both inside and out has been granted with a smile
  • the variety of backgrounds and vibes is tremendous – there’s retro, neon, hipster bar, wrought iron, gorgeous street art, aluminum airstream trailers, palm trees, etc.
  • the parking is very easy

For The Strip, all of the seven points above are backwards. The Strip is giant and not human scale nor very walk-able; The Strip is very unwelcoming, usually ending up in Security being called to chase us away; The Strip has very little historical neon, and the many contemporary sculptures and decor are in the casinos and off-limits; nearly every place I’ve ever requested permission to shoot on The Strip has been denied; given all of the above the variety of backgrounds etc is poor; and the parking and traffic is really, really bad.

You want to show everyone back home your Vegas experience? Let’s shoot downtown and avoid The Strip altogether (with the exception of the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, which is away from security hassles and bad traffic and is easy to get to.)

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