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Las Vegas Photographers Brett & Jizelle Steal Photos

April 9, 2014 | By | 3 Comments

I don’t like that I am again blogging on a fauxtographer (Brett & Jizelle Photography) who steals the photography of other, real photographers, removes their watermark, overlays their own fraudulent watermark, posts that stolen work all over the Internet as their own, yet makes no apologies, no confession, and keeps on presenting themselves as an honest, qualified, skilled photographer. But here we go again.

This happens probably much more than you realize. To see the nearly daily documentation of petty thieves who steal photos like Las Vegas Wedding Photographers Brett & Jizelle Photography, all you need do is read Corey Doyle Balazowich’s excellent and depressing blog “Photo Stealers“, a “wall of shame [that] is dedicated to photographers that feel that it’s okay to steal others work and post it as their own.”

Las Vegas Wedding Photographers Brett & Jizelle ( | Photography) have been very busy promoting themselves all over as the newest Las Vegas Wedding Photographer, Las Vegas Engagement Photographer, Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer, and Las Vegas Headshot Photographer. Here’s an example of where they’ve been busily promoting their fauxtography:


Website 2:



You Tube:


Groupon Deal:


Scoop It:


I have contacted Brett Baughman to let him know that I will advertise his thieving photo stealing until he publicly apologizes and takes responsibility for his actions. Until then, dear reader, please know that one of Las Vegas’ newest and most aggressively self-promoting wedding photographers (“We’re Rock Stars!”) is a fake, fauxtographer, a common unrepentant thief. Caveat emptor.


  1. Don

    Thanks for trying so hard on this. This guy is a piece of work. By the way fix your tag, “Fauxtography” is misspelled. And you should ad “Copyright Infringement” tag.

  2. Google User

    Jizelle Ashley is not her real name. Google Jizelle Wiggett… ….

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