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Crazy Corner – Behind the Scenes

January 20, 2011 | By | No Comments

Brides who want their guests to have a wicked good time, with tons of FUN pictures to remember your wedding by, should definitely get a Crazy Corner (photo booth). Here’s why a FogartyFOTO Crazy Corner is better than one of those cramped little photo booths:

  1. Bigger Groups – because you take up a whole corner or wall, you can cram huge groups in your photo!
  2. Because they control the trigger, a Crazy Corner entertains the kids for HOURS!
  3. You get the Digital Negatives! that you can print or upload to Facebook, email, etc.
  4. The lighting is gorgeous, so the photos are gorgeous

Most photographers can’t offer a Crazy Corner, because they require a lot of gear, lots of lighting knowledge, and lots of liability, but the Crazy Corner is a HUGE crowd pleaser. Every body loves the Crazy Corner, ‘cuz it lets everybody get so CRAZY! ;-)~

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