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Need a better way to generate traffic to your Trade Show booth? Offer headshots.

May 11, 2017 | By | One Comment

Do you need a better way to generate traffic to your Trade Show booth? Do you need a way to keep them around for a while?

Are you giving out mousepads? Branded USB sticks?

How about giving out something everybody wants and everybody needs?

Gorgeous Las Vegas Headshots On-Location, Hi Speed, Hi Quality, Indoor Environmental.

People will line up deeply, especially once word gets out of the high quality, gorgeous, and fun headshots being given away at your booth.

Dell-EMC World was in Vegas this week at the Sands Expo.

Linkedin reviews the Linkedin profile pages of attendees, to help optimize them. As a sweetener, rather than give away the usual bag-stuffer mouse pads or USB sticks, Linked in decided to give away high quality, high volume indoor environmental headshots to anyone who came up for the review.

Over 3 days we photographed headshots for 200-300 folks.

All of the photos below are straight out of camera with minimal adjustment.

What are indoor environmental headshots?

Well, the popular environmental look is where headshots are made outdoors in a park or against trees or through a window looking out on a pretty scene.

Finding pretty scenes like that is probably easy in temperate climates like Seattle or DC where green is everywhere.

In a relatively small building like a law firm it’s pretty easy for everyone just to step outside.

But in Vegas, where our environment is dirt occasionally interrupted by drip landscaping, and where the convention centers are some of the largest buildings in the world, where it can take 30 minutes just to walk to a window, outdoor environmental photos are not practical.

Even if you can get outside and find some green, the heat can be 105°, or 40°, the dust, the wind, the dramatically shifting sun and light intensity and color temperature, and the suffocating pollen all can make it unpleasant to be outside. And did I mention that it can take an hour to walk any where inside the convention centers?

Yea. Seriously.

So, the solution I offer my corporate clients is that we create a beautiful environment indoors! My client gets to choose the “environment”, be it a brightly lit modern office conference room, or looking out a “window” to bright green vegetation, or a low-key familiar skyline at night.


And we do this without green screen. Greenscreen murders hair, it just doesn’t look right, and it requires lots of post production with a computer. And God forbid somebody is wearing green!

We use a different method, an elegant method, that results in a gorgeous look right in camera. The client can walk up to the camera or tethered computer right after their photo is taken and say things like “OMG that’s the best headshot I’ve ever gotten” or “Wow that looks so realistic and the lighting on me is fantastic” or “You’re a magician”. [Actual quotes.]

We can get through 100-150 people per day, per photo bay. My team can scale up to as many photo bays as needed to serve any size audience. Each person sits for an average of 2.5 minutes. It’s really easy for your people. It’s usually a lot of fun. Almost everyone walks away loving their new headshot. And the sponsoring company looks like heroes.


Need a better way to draw crowds to your trade show convention booth?

You may need high volume, high quality, high speed, studio-lit on-location indoor environmental headshots.

Let’s talk.


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