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“Trash The Dress” / “Day After” / “Bridal” Portraits

December 2, 2011 | By | No Comments

“Trash The Dress” / “Day After” / “Bridal” Portraits. Whatever you call them, I think they’re a really good idea.

Often, when a bride or a couple want the very best portraits of themselves in their wedding finery, time is an issue. Finding two hours on the wedding day is difficult, and requires seeing one another before the ceremony. A good solution is a “Day After” portrait session – which is usually not done the day after, but several days or even a week or more after the actual wedding day. The obvious disadvantage is that you have to get all gussied up again. The advantages, though, are really big.

  • You can spend much more time on your wedding day being with family and friends
  • With less to worry about, you will be much less stressed on your wedding day
  • You don’t have to get ready so early
  • You can honor the tradition of not seeing one another before the ceremony, if that is important to you
  • You can be much more creative and flexible, visiting multiple locations and taking advantage of lighting equipment that is impractical on a wedding day. I’m referring to the studio-quality lighting that I used to create these photos out in the Nevada/California desert. I would never bring 3 powerful studio lights and their c-stands and batteries and softboxes etc on a wedding day. On a Day After portrait, I always bring such gear.

Rene & Chris – Tenderness Among Cactus

November 30, 2011 | By | One Comment

These guys rocked the house, loving all over each other, making my job so easy. We had so much fun making these photos. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in April. Cool couples RAWK!

Table Shots: Brides Love ‘Em. Photographers Avoid ‘Em.

July 29, 2011 | By | One Comment

In my experience, most photographers eschew them, while most Brides & Grooms love ’em. I’m referring to table shots– posed shots of family & guests usually with the B&G as they walk from table to table.

And why wouldn’t a B&G love table shots? The bride & groom are hosting probably the biggest party they’ve ever thrown. People from all places and moments in the b&g’s lives have come from far and wide to celebrate and support them on one of their most important days ever. Of course they want photos of themselves with everyone!

So why do so few photographers show table shots on their blog & in their portfolio? I think there are a few reasons. If you can think of others, please speak up in the comments 😉

Some elite photographers and photojournalistic purists eschew table shots because they say they are too “cheesy”, posed and un-real.

I LOVE photojournalism, and give my b&g’s lots of it.

But I disagree with the purists who eschew table shots for reasons of authenticity, because I actually find the emotions and group interactions in table shots to be some of the most genuine and fun there are. People let their guard down when joking around among friends.

Table shots can be difficult to shoot well. At root they are portraits. But, unlike in-studio portraits, they draw the b&g (& photographer) through a wide variety of lighting & background conditions. Sometimes the light overhead is too bright. Sometimes it’s too dark. Some shots are tight – just the b&g and two other people. Other shots are very wide, with dozens of people piling in. The backgrounds are also almost completely random and difficult to control.I suspect that some other photographers avoid taking or showing table shots because they neither possess nor know how to use the off-camera lighting necessary to create good photos in such difficult conditions. Because most b&g couples are going to want table shots at some point during the reception, I always bring multiple kinds and sets of off-camera lighting, and a trained lighting assistant. That way I’m prepared for anything. And I can deliver very clear, well-lit, fun table shots to the people who want them – brides & grooms!


January 17, 2011 | By | One Comment

We get feedback from our brides & grooms and clients all the time. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that we have added to – and captured the feelings of – our clients’ most important events. Here’s some of our latest feedback ;-)~

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Camila & Matt, Brazil & Chicago

Fun and professional photographer who is willing to legitimately lend you his shoes. He captured moments in unbelievably breathtaking photographs that made me teary-eyed. My wife and I recommend to any and everyone.


Awesome awesome awesome!! Steve was an absolute pleasure to work with. We are sooooooo HAPPY with our photography. If you’re looking for a fun elopement photoshoot then I highly recommend Fremont Street with Steven Joseph Photography! It was incredible fun and Steve was so enthusiastic about finding great new locations to shoot. We were genuinely sad to say goodbye to him at the end of the shoot as he was such a huge part of our special day!

– Lucy

We could not have asked for a better photographer or experience for our elopement wedding day in Vegas.

Steve is a fantastic photographer who has great kit, and could not have done more to accommodate our ideas on the day. Steve is a consummate professional with a creative eye and brilliant knowledge of locations in the area which helped our photos to really shine.

We were sad when the session ended as we had so much fun in front of the camera, but Steve provided us with an extremely awesome set of photos which were both unique and creative and we could not recommend anybody more!

– Ryan

Brittany & Drew, Chicago

We had a destination wedding in the one and only Las Vegas! I was so happy I stumbled upon Steven Joseph Photography to be my private photographer for our wedding day! I was really impressed by the quality of his photos and his ability to play with the lighting to make everything so vibrant! If you are planning a destination wedding to Vegas, typically the chapel/venue will provide their own photographer.. this is a trap! The Aria provided a photographer for an hour, and the photos are junk compared to what Steven Joseph provided. I highly recommend working with an outside photographer that you trust (Steven Joseph) if you are planning a Vegas style wedding. Another plus, is he is WAY more affordable than hiring someone that works for the chapel/venue you get married. We saved money choosing him! I could go on and on about his services. All of my guests kept saying ‘your photographer was AMAZING’ & ‘the pictures turned out great!’

Caitlin & David, Idaho

Steve and Chris were awesome to work with and delivered on every request and more.

Candice & Jamal, Phoenix

Hands-down the best photographer in the Las Vegas Area. My wife and I married in October of 2014 and we chose Steven Joseph as our photographer. We booked Steven Joseph for the post-wedding pictures and reception. The only regret I have for that day is not using Steven Joseph for EVERYTHING! Unfortunately, we married at a hotel on the strip that required us to use the hotel photographer for our wedding. When we received the pictures from the wedding (hotel photographer), they were ok. However, when we looked at the post-wedding and reception photos (Steven Joseph), we were blown away!! They were AWESOME! My wife and I were able to visit Las Vegas once before the wedding and meet with Steven Joseph and his wife. They were extremely accommodating. They met us at a local coffee shop to discuss our ideas for our special day and were super-fast in replying to email. Even if we had not met them for coffee, we never had to worry about what time they were going to be at a location and always felt extremely comfortable about the process. During the reception, I vaguely noticed him taking photos but when I received all the pictures, he had taken photos and captured so many moments that I never saw. For that, I am extremely grateful. Distinguished, exceptional, impressive, phenomenal, superior, A-1, out of this world (and any other synonyms of outstanding) are the only way to explain how we feel about Steven Joseph. p.s. During our coffee shop meeting, I had expressed my interest in photography. After the wedding Steven Joseph sent a personal email, stating “I remember our conversation about your interest in photography. If you have any questions or simply want to talk shop, let me know. I’m available.” I would give him 6 stars if I could!!

Kelly & Wes, Dallas

Steve and Chris were amazing! They made us feel so comfortable and kept us smiling and laughing the whole time. This definitely showed in our pictures. Pictures turned out amazing! They had great suggestions on places to take photos (vegas sign, symphony park and downtown vegas). They were so helpful and responsive to all our questions! Would recommend them to anyone getting married in vegas!

Denise & Paul, Deployed American Military

Steven did an amazing job for our Las Vegas wedding reception!! All of the photos were taken in low lighting, many on a moving party bus, and they came out incredible!!! Not many photographers would be up to the challenge, but Steven Joseph photography delivered. I’m grateful he was able to capture the joy of our special occasion, would highly recommend!

Sarah & Sean, AUSTRALIA

After researching and connecting with around 40+ photographers, we chose Steven Joseph Photography. Why? Just look at the albums on his website and you’ll see! They are incredible. Now that the wedding’s over, how would we rate our experience? FIVE STARS / TOP NOTCH / TOP OF THE LINE / A LEAGUE OF IT’S OWN. Steven Joseph gave us the most outstanding wedding photos and experience and if we were to do it all over again, we would choose him again. Need proof? Take a look at the photos from Sarah and my wedding: If you don’t hire Steven Joseph today before he gets booked up, you’ll wish you did (especially after seeing the photography that the 99% of other photographers create [who can’t even truly call themselves photographers]). Steven Joseph is a master in the art of photography, and if you truly want a unique experience with exquisite photos taken of your special event, then hire Steven NOW

Nicole and Chris, Boston

First, let me start off by saying this review is long overdue! I think we have just been putting it off because we don’t want to admit that the wedding is over… Steve and Chris are the best! Our guests loved them! They made sure to get pictures of everyone, I think they took over 1,000 pics in under 4 hours. Steve was awesome (maybe because he is from the east coast 🙂 ) he came with us, took pictures in the limo and everything. They were extremely flexible and made sure to accommodate all of our requests. Beautiful pictures, Steve is the best lighting guy in Vegas! Just look through some of the pics on their website! I wish we could do it again!

Chris & Nicole

Ashley & Mike, Takoma, Washington

Coming from Washington state to Nevada and basing something strictly off photos online is a tad nerve wrecking. With consistently awesome reviews, a few lurks on their blog, and a few back and forth emails we set the date. Steve and Chris had a glowing charisma. We were walking all over the place and finding awesome places to take photos. He had this cute little photography utility belt with his cameras attached and Chris held my bag the entire time AND just happened to have water. Very accommodating and the strive for perfection in each photo makes this worth every penny.

Liza & Andrew, Anthem, Las Vegas

Steve and Chris are great! Steve is a fantastic photographer, my pictures are absolutely beautiful! Even the guests at my wedding were commenting on how good he was and no one had even seen one picture yet. He is creative, talented and gifted. HIs wife, Chris is excellent with communication pre and post event. She was always there for me when I needed something. I had a little last minute issue and she handled it seamlessly. She has a very complementary way of keeping Steve’s creative side on task. They are a perfect team.

Fabiana & Andre, BRAZIL

Steven and his wife were so kind and nice to us at all times.
They gave us a huge support in choosing the location of the photos. All moments were so very nice and special to us. They really love what they do and that makes all the difference!

Dana & Nolan, Texas

Steve Fogarty and his wife, Chris, were absolutely perfect to work with. We couldn’t have asked for a better photography experience. They met with us a few days before our wedding to go over details and just to get to know us a little bit which was an excellent idea. After seeing Steve’s work and getting to know him a little, I was completely comfortable with giving him free reign over our wedding. Steve and Chris were very professional, excellent with their time management, and made the entire experience fun. I researched a few different photographers for our wedding and it was amazing what you have to pay to actually get the photographer whose work you’re looking at on their website. Steven Joseph was unlike those photographers in that your photographer will be the person whose work you’re seeing on the website, not an associate of his. Plus, his pricing is very is very reasonable. We have seen a few previews of our wedding, which he posted on facebook only a few short days after the ceremony, and are really looking forward to seeing the rest. You cannot go wrong with hiring Steven Joseph Photography for your event. He is an artist that paints with light and he will not disappoint.

Michelle & Todd, Illinois

From the very beginning of our wedding planning, we knew the photography was going to be one of the most important vendors to research and secure. After picking our venue in Las Vegas, Nevada, the hunt began! The challenge lied in finding someone we trusted enough to capture the most important day of our lives. I read nothing but positive remarks and feedback online- so I called with the hope that Steven Joseph Photography would be available and agree to be part of our big day. From the moment I spoke to Steve and his wife Chris, I immediately felt at ease. They were extremely positive and excited about the opportunity to work with us. They helped us create a package that fit our needs and described in detail what our day would be like with their eyes behind the camera. Needless to say, our wedding day didn’t disappoint, and neither did Steve and Chris. They were a friendly, down-to-earth, talented and accommodating couple who captured the most amazing shots and moments from the beginning to the very end of the event. Their ability to encapsulate the true, honest emotion of the day was unparalleled- they were fun yet still very professional and responsive. I feel so lucky to have had Steve and Chris tell our wedding story. They went above and beyond in every way possible. Any bride and groom would be lucky to have them as their photographers!

Lisa & Darren, CANADA

As we were planning our elopement, we knew just how important it was to have stunning photos to capture the memories from our day. We were beyond impressed with Steven and Chris and how they made us felt at ease throughout the process and of course with the outstanding quality of their work. We have been absolutely speechless with the photos they have shared with us so far. They are beyond anything we could have expected and look forward to seeing the rest of them. They were a pleasure to work with and we truly enjoyed the entire experience. A huge thank you from the both of us!

Mollie & Ty, Amarillo

Absolutely FABULOUS photographer! I couldn’t be more pleased with the photos. Chris and Steve were so easy and fun to work with. He was able to capture those “stolen moments” that I will cherish forever! Professional, easy going, creative, amazing! You can’t go wrong with these guys!

Jade & Matt, Toronto, CANADA

Some key points that I liked about this photographer: 1. Their flexibility: I was having a reception back home and asked for a few photos to make a slideshow for those who weren’t able to attend my las vegas wedding. The reception was only 2 weeks after our actual wedding and they turned around our special slideshow photos within a couple of days in order accommodate our request. 2. Their positivity: When they work with you they are very good at staying positive and also making you feel beautiful and confident. Steven was exclaiming at the photos he was taking and it made me feel like he wanted to be there and it wasn’t just some paycheque for him. They were constantly engaged with us and our guests. 3. Their dedication: So I had my reception at a hotel and due to some issues the alcohol was an hour late getting to our suite so our guests were kind of standing around and tired. I had only paid for an hour for them to stay at the reception and so most of those photos would have been of me being angry trying to get the alcohol thing sorted out. they stayed just a little longer so we could get our money’s worth and get the pics we really wanted. 4. THE PHOTOS of course! I you look at the website and fall in love with the photos like I did you won’t be disappointed. The photos they use to market themselves are of the same quality of the photos you will get. My photos look amazing, some of the ones in the desert very surreal and cool, while others made me cry by the emotion of the day that they captured. I give 5 stars because I really feel like their work was personalized and that they went above and beyond what I had expected!

Anjetta & Patrick, California

I looked at these pictures and wept for joy. It was like re-living the wedding all over again. You truly captured the spirit of the day. The lighting wasn’t have of the challenge…you had to herd us cats all afternoon.
You captured so much love and emotion.
I am so glad I found you on the internet and in turn found the Historic Fifth Street School as a venue.
You, Chris and Shabazz were creative, professional and patient with us. All of my guests marveled at your work. Several of them said, ” your photographers were every where” “they were working hard” “they were amazing.”
This is exactly what we were hoping for, and exactly what we got. Thank you so much for making our day special — and immortal!
The best wedding photographers ever! Your professionalism went hand in hand with your caring and enthusiasm. You have captured the fun and spirit of our special day. Patrick Thackeray and I are forever grateful.
And I would like to encourage anyone who is considering this company for wedding photos to do so without hesitation!

Monica & Asa, Spokane & Philadelphia

My wife and I were getting ready for another overseas deployment and started making plans for our elopement. Having never been to Vegas before, we were unsure of where to turn or what to plan as far as photography is concerned. After a few phone calls to a handful of places, We had great conversation with Steve and his wife which put my mind to ease. We went through everything that was on our minds for pictures, and left the rest to them. I have never had such a smooth and fun experience in my life! They took care of all the details and took so many amazing pictures that we get complemented on all the time! Steve has the most creative and mind blowing touch to photography I have ever seen, and I guarantee you will be absolutely blown away by his work!

Jennifer & Chris, Dallas

Steve and his sweet wife Chris were absolutely amazing! I’m ashamed of myself for taking so long to write a review for this site. My husband and I (fiancé at the time) decided to get married in Vegas after much thought and consideration, just the two of us, in order to save money and reduce the stress and hassle that comes with a traditional wedding. The hardest part of our decision was not having our families with us to share our special day. So I set out to find the best photographer I could to capture our day and hoped that somehow the pictures would in some small way help our loved ones feel like they were with us. I’m so grateful I found Steve! From the first time I contacted him, he was prompt with all of his replies, incredibly informative and full of ideas for our photos, flexible with times and locations, and seemed genuinely excited to meet us and shoot our photos. We live in Dallas, and he was so helpful and knowledgable about all of the best places to take beautiful photos. On the morning of our wedding day, Steve and his wife picked us up from our hotel (right on time) and I must say, he gave us the best greeting you could ask for. His exact words were “Wow!! I had no idea you guys were so great looking!”. I don’t care if he says that to everyone, it was the perfect thing to say to a bride on her wedding day. From there we went to the Neon Boneyard and then to the iconic Las Vegas sign. Throughout the morning with Steve and Chris, they not only made us feel completely comfortable in front of the camera, they also shared stories of their own marriage and as cheesy as it may sound, the love this couple shares was an inspiration to us that day. We laughed the whole time and ended up with pictures that captured the real us. Looking back over a year later, it’s so clear how full of joy we were that day. Steve was able to give us something to take back to our families and show them how truly beautiful that day was, and we will be forever grateful!!

Jessica & Matthew, Colorado

We are so happy with the product. The professionalism and energy of the crew was amazing and worth the money. If I had to do it all over again … I would, in a heartbeat! We know that these photos will be cherished by us and our family for years to come.

Kate & Adam, Connecticut

I would recommend Steven Joseph photography for any event. They’re artistic, professional and fun! We had eloped to Vegas and wanted to stick with an old Vegas theme. So far the photos are amazing and creative. You can tell just by looking at them how much fun we had. We were laughing and thoroughly enjoying ourselves the whole time. They’re awesome!!

Cortney & Patrick, California

Pictures Last a Lifetime Flowers DON’T!!! I wish I could give this dynamic duo 10 stars! I am not a photogenic person by any means, and being the bride I was very worried. As soon as Chris and Steven showed up the day of my wedding they immediately made me feel comfortable and were tons of fun! Through their photography they brought smiles and tears to our families which is a gift that will last forever and to them I am forever grateful! Your wedding photos are one of the only things you will walk away with from your special day. I am glad I made the decision to hire Steven and Chris, so much in fact that I look forward to working with them on future shoots such as family sessions and a pregnancy shoot ! Thank you so much for the gift that keeps on giving Steven and Chris!

Can you get your engagement photos taken in a casino or on the floor?

September 27, 2010 | By | No Comments

Here’s a great essay from my friend Juliet Douglas, wedding planner extraordinaire, on the ins & outs of getting your photo taken inside & on the floor of a Las Vegas casino. In short, easier said than done! 😉

In my experience, we’re generally tossed out of most casinos within a few minutes of breaking out professional gear (e.g., tripod, off-camera lights). Juliet’s essay gives some good tips on how you and your photographer may be able to get these photos.

Another thing that has helped my brides get photos in the casino (not necessarily on the gaming floor) is for the bride & groom to have a room in the hotel.

During this shoot, we were approached by security w/in a few minutes after we started shooting. As soon as they learned that my couple had a room and had just gotten married there, the Wynn security left us alone.

Judith & Kenneth @ The Wynn

Judith & Kenneth @ The Wynn

Whereas, without a room reservation, this couple and I were escorted out of The Bellagio within about 5 minutes of the beginning of our shoot. Different hotel. Same photographer. Different relationship of the b&g to the hotel.

Maythe & Shawn @ the Bellagio

Maythe & Shawn @ the Bellagio moments before being escorted out.

4 Reasons to Hire a 2nd Shooter

September 14, 2010 | By | No Comments

I always encourage my brides to consider hiring a second photographer or “2nd Shooter” on their wedding day. I only work with 2nd shooters whose photography and interpersonal skills are at the highest levels. I pay them well because they are worth it.

Following are 4 very good reasons for every bride to consider hiring a 2nd photographer, for at least 3 hours during your wedding.

1. More complete coverage. While no amount of coverage can guarantee that your photographer gets every shot you want, more professional, artistic eyes clicking shots on your wedding day will result in more and better photography that you’ll love.

2. Insurance, distributed risk. While it’s never happened to me (thank You, God 😉 ), bad things can happen to your principal photographer on the way to your wedding or to your photos after the wedding. Having a 2nd photographer travelling in a 2nd car using a 2nd camera and lenses and CF cards distributes the risk, and assures that you will get coverage and photos of your wedding.

3. Faster flow. Your photography moves more quickly if you’ve hired a 2nd photographer. If your principal photographer uses strobes, someone must set up those lights. If you’ve hired a single photographer then your whole party must wait, and photography stops, while that happens. If there’s a 2nd setting up lights or shooting family portraits, the flow keeps moving, you and your guests are happier.

4. A different artistic perspective. A 2nd camera is also a 2nd set of eyes. How awesome for you to get two distinct, fresh, artistic views on your wedding. You’ll be delighted by the extra variety and creativity.

Dance - Principal Photographers View

Dance - Principal Photographer's View

Dance - 2nd Photographers View

Dance - 2nd Photographers' View

For surprisingly little money, hiring a 2nd photographer will give brides fuller coverage, a faster pace for group photography and therefore happier guests, distributed risk, and a fresh artistic eye and greater variety in their photography.