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Las Vegas Wedding Photography

You realize that what is priceless tomorrow is expensive today. You’re doing it old skool – five hours or more. And you want full coverage from beginning to end. You want amazing family portraits, and breathtaking in-the-moment photojournalism that will make you laugh and cry every time you see them for the rest of your life. You want photography that becomes more valuable with every passing day.

Bellagio Fountain – Girls Night Out Birthday Party on the Las Vegas Strip

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These beautiful ladies – Cynthia, Katie and Amy – came all the way from Colorado to Vegas to celebrate a 40th birthday party. When I met them at the Bellagio fountain they looked amazing, and they were in very fine spirits. And they absolutely had to get a shot with Elvis, which turned into a shot with many Elvi. I’m sure that once they left the Bellagio Fountain on The Strip to continue their night they had legendary fun. Big thanks to my friend and fellow photographer Laura Glines of Black Cherry Photgoraphy for the referral.

Green Valley Ranch Wedding of Karen and Alex

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How I love photographing the couples who get married at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson (just a 15 minute ride from the Las Vegas Strip): let me count the ways.
1. It’s human scale! No walking for thousands of yards inside of gigantic buildings, or thousands of feet between blocks. It’s intimate yet grand.
2. It’s really freaking gorgeous! GVR’s landscaping is among the more verdant and abundant in all of Las Vegas. The architecture is first rate, too.
3. It’s so visually varied. You can see and be photographed in a vineyard, within ornate hallways, inside plush suites, atop one of the grandest of grand staircases, enveloped in modern and sleek outdoor cabanas, on the sands of a beach (! for real), beside and against cascading waterfalling sheets of water, against deep blue tile caressing a cool blue pool, lounging upon a cool green lawn, draped over luxurious and elegant furnishings, and so much more. The place is a visual FEAST, a photographer’s playground.
4. It’s just so much more relaxed than the Strip, so easy-going, so much less hurried.
5. It’s big enough to accommodate the largest weddings and events, yet intimate enough to host a two-person elopement or a 40 person wedding ceremony and reception.
6. Their in-house chapel is understated, elegant, comfortable, lovely, and definitely not pushy like many of those in-house chapels on the Strip.
7. It is such a versatile and flexible place in which to get married. I have photographed ceremonies in so many locations on property, including: the in-house chapel on the second floor; inside presidential suites; up on the grand staircase; on the grand patio beneath the grand staircase; in the tall Italian cypress a little beyond the pool area; on the curving modern staircase just next to the pool; and in the exclusive “The Pond” private pool area.

Maggianos Little Italy Las Vegas Wedding Reception for Margarita and Andrew

March 18, 2015 | By | No Comments

What do you do when you *have* to use the unknown in-house photographers at your wedding ceremony at one of the Strip hotels, like The Wynn, but you want top-notch reception photography, maybe even at a reception venue away from where you got married? Why, you hire Steven Joseph Photography, that’s what!

You say you didn’t know that when you get married on The Strip you almost always have to use the anonymous in-house photographer? Yes. That is as close to an iron-clad rule in Vegas as there is. Outside photographers are *not* allowed into your wedding ceremony, nor to where your after-wedding formal photos are taken.

It’s photo booth sexy time at the wedding reception of Margarita and Andrew at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Las Vegas

Cut the Cake! at Margarita and Andrew's  wedding reception at Maggianos Little Italy Las Vegas

Happy people toasting the Maggianos Little Italy Las VEgas wedding reception of Margarita and Andrew

Maggianos Little Italy Las Vegas Wedding Reception - beautiful bride Margarita with great friends

Maggianos Little Italy Las Vegas Wedding Reception – beautiful bride Margarita with great friends

Las Vegas Photo Booth at the Maggianos Little Italy Wedding Reception of Margarita and Andrew

Las Vegas Photo Booth at the Maggianos Little Italy Wedding Reception of Margarita and Andrew

It's photo booth sexy time at the wedding reception of Margarita and Andrew at Maggiano's Little Italy in Las Vegas Read More

We’re WeddingWire Rated! 38 5-Star Reviews. Thank You!!!

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We’re big fans of WeddingWire as a resource for Brides & Grooms to figure out which photographers offer the best fit for their style, budget and personality. We’re ecstatic to have 38 glowing 5-star reviews. If you’ve left us a 5-star review on WeddingWire THANK YOU SO MUCH and if you haven’t but have been meaning to, why not go drop a little sugar on us right now? Here’s the link:

Here’s Why I Love Photographing Weddings

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You’ve probably already seen this Maroon 5 music video.
I LOVE IT because it perfectly illustrates everything I love about photographing weddings:

1] everybody’s all dressed up and looking their best;

2] everybody’s letting their hair down and feeling peak emotions all over the place;

3] a wedding is one of the great milestone days in peoples’ lives.

I honestly feel privileged to document every single one.

A few observations from this video.

* Who would have guessed the Asian wedding rocked the hardest? Go pops!

* Who’s surprised that all the brides *instantly* recognized Adam Levine yet a few of the grooms were like “huh? whuz happenin?”

* It really pays to have good music (live or DJ) for a great experience.

* I’ve never wanted to be famous, but I’ll admit it must be an incredible rush to be able to get a giant crowd of strangers to scream in ecstasy at the mere sight of you. Billy Joel calls it being Mussolini for a couple of hours.

Yay! Somebody likes me! Our clients awarded us the 2015 Couple’s Choice Award! Thank you!

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We are genuinely honored to be chosen by our clients to document some of the most important moments in their lives. THANK YOU!!!