Just Great Headshots

tradeshow headshot of pretty-young-professional woman

This is a headshot made on the expo floor of the IBM Think Conference 2018 at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Convention Center. This headshot is un-retouched, straight from camera. When companies want to attract the longest lines & dwell times to their trade show booth - companies like IBM, Linkedin, Travelzoo, AVVO, and trade associations like CSMCP and ACFE - they hire EXPOTRAFFIC.com to produce high quality, high speed headshots on the expo floor. Many photographers offer headshots at conventions but most fail to attract any kind of line or dwell times because of the cascade of limitations resulting from being too small. Here are the 5 ways our tradeshow headshot lounge is different and better than the typical 10x10 headshot lounges you usually see on the expo floor.

1. The headshot lounges produced by ExpoTraffic.com are unapologetically BIG. At least 20'x15'. The big footprint is what allows the following features that make it a success:

2. Enough room for the highest quality studio lighting.

3. Enough room for use of a long lens for a thinning, flattering photo.

4. Enough room for many social media kiosks.

5. Real time sharing from social kiosks of branded photos that go viral within the conference assuring nonstop lines.

That's the secret. To attract long lines all day long, attendees have to be able to share their awesome headshot instantly within the show. Early customers SMS text and email their headshots to their phones and show them off - "hey, look at this awesome headshot XYZ Company is giving away!" Soon thereafter - boom! long lines all day long.

To enable instant social sharing, the space has to be big enough to accommodate all the kiosks and supporting networking gear.

To make gorgeous flattering light the space has to be large enough to accommodate professional studio lighting.

To create flattering portraits that thin subjects' faces and shapes, the photographer needs a big space that allows him to step back to use a long lens, at least 100mm long. A cramped 10x10 booth limits the photographer to a wide angle lens that stretches peoples' faces and bodies, making them appear wider than they are.

To top off really attracting a crowd we need a big space with big lights and big modifiers, to create a spectacle that says "look over here! there's a cool and valuable experience going on over here."

There you have it. Go big, go professional, go connected with your TradeshowHeadshot.com lounge and you'll have the busiest booth with the best customer conversations at the tradeshow.

Filename: IBM Think-08488.JPG_a950325cc20030fc4ce39157f3c34f14_636571785537052542_.jpg. 1/200; f/5.6; ISO 800; 70.0 mm.

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